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Hey, I’m Tate. I’m a student loan lawyer and I help people in NYC with their student loan debt even though I’m here in St Louis and you live in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, or Queens.

And that’s true no matter what student loan issue you’re facing. Garnishment. Default. Settlement.

I can help with all of those things. As far as attorneys specializing in student loans go, I’m pretty good.

You can get my help with federal student loans

Let me guess:

You got a letter in the mail. It said that your federal student loans are in default and that your wages will be garnished. Or maybe it said your tax refund will be offset for student loans. Or, worse, maybe it said you’ve defaulted on your private student loan and they’re threatening to sue unless you make a large payment.

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If any one of those is true, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Almos 15% of NYC adults have a student loan, owing collectively about $35 billion in student loans.

Sidenote. Last year, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York published a report wherein they examined neighborhood-level outcomes of student loans. In Student Loan Borrowing Across NYC Neighborhoods, the Fed found that student loan delinquency and default tended to be higher with older borrowers and those in lower-income neighborhoods.

In case you’re wondering, the Bronx had the highest rates of delinquency and default.

student loan lawyer nyc

Brooklyn was next. Followed by Manhattan, Staten Island, and Queens.

I can help get you of student loan default, stop a student loan wage garnishment, and stop your tax refund from being taken. But only if you move quickly.

I can also help:

  • Choose the right income based repayment plan;
  • Lower monthly payments;
  • Consolidate student loans; and
  • Settle federal student loans (but only if they’re in default)

Finally, I can ensure you’re student debt is eligible for student loan forgiveness programs like the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program and income based forgiveness.

You can get my legal advice with some private student loan issues

With private student loans, I can help:

  • Negotiate settlements;
  • Negotiate lower monthly payments;
  • Remove default status;
  • Remove cosigners; and
  • Evaluate refinance and consolidation options.

Having said that...

I cannot help with a private student lawsuit in New York

So you know, I am a licensed student loan lawyer. But I have yet to get permission from a court in NYC to handle lawsuits.

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So if you’re being sued in a Supreme Court in one of New York city’s boroughs, consider using Google to find: "student loan attorney NY".

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Hey, I’m Tate.

I'm a student loan lawyer that helps people like you with their federal and private student loans wherever they live.

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