8 Best Student Debt Attorneys in Texas

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Updated on March 2, 2024

Finding a lawyer with student loan expertise and experience can be challenging, regardless of where you live. Few attorneys specialize in helping borrowers with student debt. Although some may advertise student loan help, they are often bankruptcy lawyers focused on filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

In Texas, locating a student loan debt attorney is even more difficult, including in large areas like the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metroplex. Only a few professionals or law firms in the state concentrate on qualifying borrowers for loan forgiveness programs, negotiating student loan settlements, and filing student loan bankruptcy cases.

But don’t worry. I’ve done the research for you and identified eight student loan debt attorneys who can help you whether you live in San Antonio, Dallas, or West Texas. Continue reading to learn about these experienced professionals and how they can help you.

Need help with your student loans? Reach out to me if you want help figuring out your options. In about ten minutes, you’ll better understand the paths you can take to resolve your situation.

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5 Best student loan debt lawyers in Texas

I recommend a select group of attorneys based on my understanding of their knowledge in addressing student loan issues.

First and foremost, I recommend myself.


My entire career has revolved around fighting student loan servicers. I have a deep knowledge of the Education Department’s payment plans and forgiveness programs.

I’ve successfully negotiated hundreds of student loan settlements with various private lenders and debt collectors. Moreover, I’ve likely filed more successful student loan undue hardship cases than any other bankruptcy attorney nationwide.

If you prefer working with an attorney or law firm nearby, these attorneys may help:

  • Stanley Tate – I don’t have a law office in Texas, but I help borrowers throughout the state with federal loans and some private student loan issues.

  • Rick Carter – office in Katy, Dallas, and San Antonio.

  • Cheryl Davis – office in El Paso.

  • Ciment Law Firm – office in Austin.

  • Tim Thomas – Dallas, El Paso, and Fort Worth offices.

  • Sean Acker – office in Arlington.

  • Weston Legal, PLLC – offices in Irving and San Antonio.

If you cannot secure a free consultation with an attorney, consider contacting Lone Star Legal Aid. They may help you halt wage garnishments, safeguard your bank account from liens, and end harassment from debt collection agencies.

Another alternative is The Institute of Student Loan Advisors (TISLA). TISLA provides student loan borrowers free, unbiased, and accurate resources and guidance to help them effectively manage their debt.

Also, you can contact your state bar association or a local law school to ask about free or affordable legal assistance.

Learn More:

What student loan lawyers do

A student loan lawyer assesses your federal and private loans, offering legal advice to address the challenges you face. They can help with:

Qualifying for Forgiveness

Since President Biden’s inauguration, the Department of Education has eliminated over $32 billion in student loan debt by enhancing existing forgiveness programs.

For example, it has forgiven loans for thousands of full-time government and nonprofit employees previously ineligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

The department also pledged to provide credit towards income-driven repayment plan forgiveness for millions of borrowers. Learn more about student loan forgiveness and the IDR Waiver.

Read more about how to apply for student loan forgiveness and the IDR Waiver.

Escaping Default

Federal student loan borrowers can use the Fresh Start Student Loan Program, consolidation, or loan rehabilitation to regain good standing.

The best option depends on your financial goals, active wage garnishments, and home-buying plans. Discover more about default consequences on student loans.

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Negotiating Settlements

Settling federal and private student loans is possible after defaulting. A lawyer experienced in dealing with servicers and collectors can negotiate a lump-sum settlement, potentially saving thousands and avoiding settled debt taxes.

Learn how a lawyer can negotiate student loan debt.

Reducing Monthly Payments

The Education Department offers several repayment plans for more affordable monthly payments. But eligibility requirements can be confusing, especially for married, retired, or self-employed individuals concerned about qualifying for loan forgiveness.

Explore income-driven repayment plans and the IDR account adjustment.

Defending Against Lawsuits

In state court, private student loan lenders and collection agencies often sue borrowers and cosigners to recover defaulted loan payments.

In addition to defending you in court, some student loan attorneys can help eliminate loans in bankruptcy by proving undue hardship.

Read more about bankruptcy and student loans.

Looking to hire an attorney to help with your student loans? Let’s talk

If you’re looking for help with your loans or managing your student loan payments, consider contacting one of the Houston student debt attorneys above — or schedule a call with me.

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