Choosing a design

May 22, 2023

We’re thrilled to share some fresh updates to our platform, all aimed at making your loan management easier and more streamlined.

Let’s walk you through what’s new!

A New Look for the Hero Section

The hero section has gotten a makeover. Now, it offers a concise summary of all your loans right at the top, so you can get a quick snapshot of your loan situation. And because we know paperwork can be important, we’ve added an option for you to print a detailed PDF breakdown of all your loans. Handy, right?

Introducing the Center Column View

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve adopted a center column view flanked by two sidebars. The center column focuses on your open loans, offering an overview of how many months your loans have been in repayment, forbearance, and deferment, among other useful tidbits.

Print Function & Jump-to-Loan Sidebar

No need to scroll up again; we’ve added another print function in the sidebar for your convenience. On the left, you’ll find a sidebar that allows you to quickly jump to each loan. We’re brainstorming ways to identify each loan more uniquely than just by name, especially since many of you may have multiple loans with the same name. So stay tuned for that!

Resourceful Right Sidebar

Our plans for the right sidebar? To make it a rich resource hub, filled with internal articles that unpack every opportunity using engaging text, video, and audio.

Expanded Loan View

Clicking on a loan opens up a wealth of information: its current status, disbursement amount, the school associated with it, and the servicer managing it (for open loans) or the one who last managed it (for closed loans).

Detailed Loan History

We’ve added a link for a deep-dive into the history of each loan. This brings us to our next exciting feature.

Individual Loan Status View

We’re revamping this tool to display the status of each loan individually. Plus, we’re working to make it smart enough to highlight periods that might not count toward IDR Forgiveness.

We’re continuously working to improve and refine our tools to serve you better. Stay tuned for more updates!

Hero section.

Option to print loans.

Expanded view of loan.

Detailed view of loan status history.