Editorial guidelines

Every piece of content on tateesq.com is designed with these three principles in mind:

Curation over clickbait.

There’s a lot of talk about student loans. We could try to cover it all, but we would rather just give you the good stuff. We don’t do intriguing headlines. We want you to click on an article, get the answer you’re looking for, and leave feeling satisfied.

We want to help you get rid of your student loan debt, achieve your financial goals, and calm your anxiety. We will only share information that can help you do this.

Reliable information is power.

We work with the leading advocacy groups, lawyers, and lawmakers as part of our reporting, so you can rest assured that the information you get about loan forgiveness programs, options to get out of default, and refinancing lenders comes from trusted sources.

Our content also gets fact-checked for accuracy and receives a thorough read from our third-party editor, ensuring each article goes through multiple layers of review.

We also acknowledge that there are changes to forgiveness programs, repayment options, and student loan laws that are happening at the moment that we may not have all the information on yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth covering.

We promise to de-bunk the garbage and be upfront about what the law prescribes and what it doesn’t so that you have all of the information before you choose a repayment plan or refinance your loans.

Our readers come first.

Every article is published with the intention of helping you feel more confident in your own student loan journey. Our stories are inspired by your feedback), as well as the latest student loan changes.