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Do I need to hire a student loan lawyer?

You don't need to hire a student loan attorney. Just like you don't need to order takeout. You hire a student loan lawyer because you want qualified, professional help for your student loan debt.

Can you help lower student loan payments?

While I may not be able to lower your total student debt, I likely can choose the best repayment plan for you. That way, you'll always have affordable student loan payments.

Do you help with defaulted student loans?

Yes. I work with debt collectors to get you out of default, stop wage garnishment, protect your tax refund from offset. And once that's done, I'll work with your loan servicer to get you into an affordable student loan repayment plan.

How can a student loan lawyer help me?

You've probably talked with a lawyer that said he was a student loan lawyer but all he suggested was for you to file for bankruptcy. Not here. With me, a bankruptcy case is often the last option we'll look at. The truth is there's usually a better way to solve your student loan problems. We'll go through all of those options first. Let's talk.